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SANDUSKY — The following land transfers were processed by the Sanilac County Register of Deeds:

Week of Sept. 24:

• Roger Elsholz to Johnny Steier, Hubbard and King Sub, City of Sandusky.

• Jerry and Ellen Martin to Darrell and Regina Zimmerman, Sec. 5, Elmer Twp.

• Metcalf Farms LLC to Peters Brothers LLC, Sec. 35, Worth Twp.

• Kari and C. Jenne Lohela to Shawn and Melisa Green, Sec. 31, Argyle Twp.

• Maria Walter and Ann Piwonski to Lauzon Family Preservation Trust, Great Lakes Beach, Worth Twp.

• Julia Trupiano to John and Lori Lewis, Huronia Heights Beach, Worth Twp.

• Kenneth and Denise Suess to Kellie Schultz, Sec. 13, Speaker Twp.

• Li Wei Wu and Yan Xin Wu to Tyler Loding and Kelsey Jensen, Wedgewood Estates No. 2, City of Sandusky.

• Don and Eva Nichol to Dean and Patricia Aubertin, Sec. 8, Custer Twp.

• Sharon Pangori to Kevin Flanagan, Nichole Stefan and Suzanne Flanagan, Huronia Heights Beach, Worth Twp.

• Robert Zukowski to Thomas, Jr. and Susan Favazza, Sec. 32, Delaware Twp.

• Vicki Rogissart to Patrick and Patricia Felt, Pfaehler’s Huron Shore Resorts, Village of Forestville.

• Kimber and Julie Pike to William and Alyssa Wielen, Plat of Marlette, City of Marlette.

• Terry and Peggy Day to Shelly Cooper, Lexington Lakeview Condo., Village of Lexington.

• Richard and Mary Pohl to Aaron Johnston, Sec. 19, Moore Twp.

• John and Deborah Steen to Thomas and Kelly Kleiner, Huronia Heights Sub, Worth Twp.

• Lillian Palleschi to Charles and Rhonda Albrecht, Sec. 29, Sanilac Twp.

• Craig Miller to Karl and Rosanne Schwartz, Sec. 12, Watertown Twp.

• Robert and Marilyn Squire to Robert and Chelsey McPike, Sec. 18, Lexington Twp.

• Brian Chabala to Anthony and Jacqueline Lepore, Oldfield and Goldman Sub., Village of Port Sanilac.

• Raye Phillips to Kimberly Jaquette , Sec. 12, Worth Twp.

• George W. and Judith Kury Rev. Trust to James and Joanne Deliz, Sec. 31, Lexington Twp.

• Mary Neelis Rev. Trust and Louise Neelis Rev. Trust to Susan Pomilia, Reuben Simon’s Addn., Village of Lexington.

• Cynthia Lawrence and Brenda Chippi to Matthew Chippi, Sec. 31, Evergreen Twp.

• McCalel Family Trust to Laurie Rau, Sec. 25, Worth Twp.

Week of Oct. 1:

• First National Acceptance Company to Brandon Frostic and Kaitlin Jackson; Carson’s Plat, Carsonville.

• Paul and Charlotte Kalbfleisch to Edgar Jr. and Jeanne Ford; Frank Snyder’s Addn., City of Brown City.

• Robert Ingram Estate to AZ and Sons Trucking, Inc.; Sec. 5, Flynn Twp.

• Gordon and Eleanora McMaster to Nicholas Grifka and Katelyn Molesworth; Sec. 27, Elk Twp.

• Klaft Family Trust to Joseph and Cheryl Kowalski; Great Lakes Beach, Worth Twp.

• Ronald D. Darling to Michael Lentner and Ciera Madison; Sec. 34, Lamotte Twp.

• Vincent Sheridan to Michael and Brian Sheridan; Sec. 35, Lexington Twp.

• Eastern Michigan Bank to BTS Investments LLC; Mills and Anketell’s 2nd Addn., City of Croswell.

• Deborah Nelson and Mark Winiarski Trust to Dolin Trust; Sec. 16, Speaker Twp.

• FuturVest LLC to Jason Nays; Moss, Mills and Gaige’s Addn., City of Croswell.

• Robert and Carol Ribarsky to Joshua Hammond; Sec. 15, Washington Twp.

• Tracey and Sean Connolly to James and Cynthia Gresock; Sec. 25, Village of Lexington.

• Eric Burgess to David and Donna Palen; Fairview Subdivision, Forester Twp.

• James Guillaumin to Sherri Tudrick and Jennifer Blankenship; Pfaehler’s Huron Shore Resorts, Forestville.

• Patrick and Gladys Stevenson to Peter and Denise Hagan; Sec. 10, Forester Twp.

• Kim Gray-Cichy Trust to Thomas and Linda Ladoski; Swayze’s Lake Huron Shore Sub., Forester Twp.

• Arthur Snar Jr. to Kathryn Yost-Braekevelt; Sec. 13, Worth Twp.

• Michael and Jeanine Attard to Karen Thomas; Huronia Heights Beach, Worth Twp.

• Anthony and Tracey Foster to John Gerstenberger and Lynn Gerber; Sec. 5, Austin Twp.

• Tricia Kosal to Ashley Calliotte; Robert’s Addn., City of Sandusky.

• Messing Family Trust to PMA Sunset Pines LLC; Sec. 13, Marion Twp.

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