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SANDUSKY — The Sanilac County Register of Deeds Office has processed the following land transfers.

Week of Sept. 18:

• Thomas and Linda McClellan to Thomas and Pamela Herrmann, R.B. Hubbard and Co. Addn, Village of Lexington.

• Valerie Newman to Henry Pamela Savalle, Blue Water Beach Sub, Worth Twp.

• Salvatore and Anna Ventimiglia to James and Cheryl Thuma, Sec 8, Fremont Twp.

• Rocco Rathka and Linda Werner to Robert and Linda Werner, Sec 21, Lexington Twp.

• Grout Family Farm, LLC to Eric and Nichole Heilig, Sec 32, Buel Twp.

• Aaron and Chealse Nichol to Wayne Beitel, Sec 2, Elk Twp.

• Pamela LaBelle to Kenneth Cork, Lexington RV Resort Condo, Village of Lexington.

• Michael and Susan Glad to Charles Blaski and Patricia Wyckstandt, Sec 13, Lexington Twp.

• Beatrice Munro to Justin Kasten and Victoria Fuller, Sec 29, Buel Twp.

• Pierre and Nathalie Chabot to Robert and Cynthia Puzio, Lexington RV Resort Condo, Village of Lexington Michele Cote to Robert and Vicki Lunn, Lexington RV Resort, Village of Lexington.

• Robert and Janet Perry to City of Croswell, Stevenson’s Third Addn to Croswell, City of Croswell.

• Judith and Frank Kingen to Michael Blashill, Sec 21, Worth Twp.

• Alan and Dora Crawford to Robert Killewald, Lakeview Hills Golf Condo, Lexington Twp.

• Richard and Sharon Varty Rev Trust to Aaron Levitt, Stevenson’s Addn of Croswell, City of Croswell.

• George Smith Trust to LG Farms, LLC, Sec 21, Elk Twp.

• Ryan Samczyk to Randal Miller, Sec 23, Elmer Twp.

• Brian Bobbitt to Cass Leesch, McPhee’s Division, Village of Melvin.

• Mary Klemp to Paul Nugent, Fulmer Sub, City of Croswell.

• Loren and Cheryl Clarkson, to Steven Savoie, Moss, Mills, and Gaiges Plat of Crowell, City of Croswell.

• Matthew and Ana Wydeven to Todd Badger, Hubbard and King’s Sub, City of Sandusky.

• Teresa Lewis to James Anderson, Sec 4, Buel Twp.

• Christine Quandt to Amanda Rinke, Frank Sndyer’s Addn, City of Brown City.

• Stacey Trendy to Christopher Baldwin, Mills and Anketells Second Addn, City of Croswell.

• Donna Sefton to Mary Stange and James Stange, Sec 31, Sanilac Twp.

• Linda Scholz to David Hartwick, Sec 26, Washington Twp.

• Jeannette McGregor to Ashley Moll, Sec 13, Custer Twp.

• Mary Wright, George Wright and Laurence Wright to Charles LaFontaine, JM Loop Addn, Village of Port Sanilac.

• David and Kim Gowman to Thomas and Nancy Keramaris, Sec 32, Delaware Twp.

• Amanda Tubb to Peck BTS Retail, LLC, Sec 34, Village of Peck.

Week of Sept. 25:

• Kenneth and Margaret Hetzel Rev. Trust to Michael McMillan, Sec 20, City of Croswell.

• Peter Perlaki Trust to Margaret Kelly, Sec 35, Village of Carsonville.

• Ronald Kokoszka to Thomas and Diane Dunn Rev. Trust, Great Lakes Beach No. 2, Worth Twp.

• Larry Post to Samantha Hyde, Sec 28, Worth Twp.

• John and Michelle Margalski to Joseph Zajac, Great Lakes Beach No. 3, Worth Twp.

• James and Diane Young to Rayna Vandergeest, Sec 5, Worth Twp.

• WASA Properties LLC to Danny Emerson, Sec 2, Village of Carsonville.

• Danny Emerson to Milton and Nancy Smith, Sec 2, Village of Carsonville.

• Jeffery Wagner to David and Amanda Groh, Mills Addn to Croswell, City of Croswell.

• Mortgage Center, LLC to Nahla Bou- Melhem, Sec 18, Forester Twp.

• Steven and Melissa Polewach to Rebecca and Christian Shamp, Sec 5, City of Sandusky.

• Brenda Burlak to Donald Turner, Sec 34, Village of Carsonville.

• Sandra Miller to Salowitz and Sons Dev., LLC, McCaren, Benedict, Schell and Dawson Addn, City of Sandusky.

• Kathleen Sokolowski to Susan Everett, Great Lakes Beach No. 1, Worth Twp.

• Michael and Laura Orlick to Lauren Bruyninga and Vincent Mazzola, Sec 22, Sanilac Twp.

• George Riggs to Roy Roth and Charles Roth, Sec 26, Lamotte Twp.

• Cros-Lex Assembly of God to Johnny Welsh, Dawson’s Addn, Village of Peck.

• Deborah Biederwolf to Gregory and Sandra Jones, Huronia Heights, Worth Twp.

• Fannie Mae to Daniel and Cortnee Cobb, Moss, Mills and Gaiges Addn, City of Croswell.

• Exchange State Bank to Andrew Washe, Sec 34, Sanilac Twp.

• Rosa Family Rev Trust to Erin Savinov, Huronia Heights Beach, Worth Twp.

• Dale and Kathleen Mason to Dean and Amanda Pleisness, Huron Sierra Sub, Sanilac Twp.

• Robert and Sharon Bryant to Aaron Flynn, Sec 7, Forester Twp.

• Margaret Mate to David Leonard, Sec 21, Sanilac Twp.

• David and Karen Fraser to Samuel and Charlene Blondy, Sec 18, Lexington Twp.

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