2011-11-14 / Opinion

Letters to the Editor

Sincere appreciation

We, the Schulze family would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the kindness and sympathy that was shown to our family at the loss of Vera, my wife of 58 years, who was also the mother of our three children and grandmother to our nine grandchildren.

We thank all of you who sent cards, flowers and memorials and especially those of you who upheld us with your prayers. Also thanks to Pastor Maureen Baker who was always faithful for visiting Vera in MediLodge and for the comforting words at her death.

To our caring and loving neighborhood that came to our home with food and more food, we thank you.

Also to Carman Funeral Home, we thank you for your service and compassion.

Walter, Paul, Crystral

Reed and Lorraine Puuri

Brown City

Out of work yet?

People like to complain how hard things are, but if more people would buy American-made products like their cars there would probably be more Americans working. It’s really pretty simple, but yet people like to drive the Japanese, Korean and German vehicles.

We need to get control of this country, and by supporting American companies and American-made products we can do our part.

Chris Butler

Brown City

Why change the clocks?

I always thought it’s strange we still have a Daylight Saving Time. Why would anyone rather have shorter days? Whether you’re a farmer or not, longer days with more daylight just makes sense.

Plus, I just hate when it’s dark before 5:30 p.m. With all the deer running around it’s a real safety issue.

Colette Stevens

Brown City

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